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If you’re all about the real, the festive and the love, then we’ll be a great match. My work is a blend of story telling and romance. I love stories, I love romance, I love people. I love vibrant photos and I love light. Wedding photography just came naturally to me. 

I’m always itching to pick up my camera, and I would absolutely love to eternalise your love.

Featured Shoots


“Dearest Moira,

We just wanted to say the most heartfelt thank you for being the most amazing wedding photographer and for sharing your ability to make the photos such a joy and one of the funnest parts of our wedding!

You have the most lovely nature, gentle, warm, vivacious and kind. Your heart really is beautiful and it shines through your work and the way you engage with people.

We are so glad that we shared our day with you, and want to thank you for just being plain lovely.”


THE day. One heart-filled day when you wish you could pause time. All the people you love in one place. So much sentiment, celebration and love - you'll need years to take it in.
Let me create a time machine of memories for you that will last a lifetime. Consider it as your pause button.

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