An epic celebration.

The love, the tears

Bring on the glits and glamour!

A perfect day from start to finish

As sweet as it gets

The day you'll never forget.

I love all weddings - the loveliness of intimate weddings. The glam and excitement of the bigger ones. The party, the people, the food, the vibe, the tenderness. If you're going all in and plan to host an unforgettable, once in a lifetime event for yourself and your people, you'll want to make sure that you remember it in the best possible way.

Jam-packed with moments.

There are so many special moments throughout the entire day. So many opportunities for the leaky-eye inclined to shed some tears (I've shed more salt at weddings that I'd like to admit). Your tender and proud parents. That moment when you officially become a bride by stepping into your dress. The look on both your faces when you make eye contact for the first time down the aisle. Sheer joy. Pure excitement. Roaring laughter. Legendary dance moves.

I aim to photograph these moments, the essence of the day, the romance. The little things are important. And the big things, too. Every wedding really is unique and I zone in on yours, treating it like the most important day ever. Because it is.

I'll catch the real, the raw, the epic, the fun - everything.

So while you're busy being a bride (or groom - hi engaged dudes!) I'll be busy hawk-eyeing every detail, anticipating every cry or laugh, dashing for the best angles, planning for epic shots, coordinating family photos, offering emotional support or cracking a joke, keeping an eye on the time and light, pointing your guests to the bathroom, sneaking a canape and celebrating along with you.

I'll take it all in so that you can carry on taking it in for the rest of your life.

What will it be like to have a photographer there for the whole day?

What will it be like to have a photographer there for the whole day?