noun. an act or instance of running off with your lover, as to be married

The runaway lovers on Karekare beach, New Zealand

A heart warming elopement in Stellenbosch, South Africa

When in doubt, climb a mountain!

Eloping in Cape Town, South Africa

Are you thinking of eloping? Do it!

I meet so many couples that are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of hosting the most perfect day ever. Wedding planning starts becoming a chore instead of pleasure, and they end up planning the day around what their guests want - not what they want.

Let's get back to the basics.

It's so easy to lose sight of the basics. This is about two people who have fallen head over heels for each other and would like to make a special commitment to each other. It's about them, it's about their love, their bond, their mutual support. This is what it's all about. Simple right? It really is.

Just do it your way.

There is a reason that elopements have started becoming many couple's go-to, worldwide. It's stress-free. It's simple. It's super duper special. And what's more, it doesn't cost a mortgage. (Have the honeymoon of your dreams instead?)

You could always host a big dinner party and put your epic images on a slideshow. No stress, just fun. ...just an idea *wink wink

Want to know more about eloping?

Want to know more about eloping?