What to expect

My approach

How will it feel to be photographed?

‘We’re super awkward in front of a camera’ - that would be the thing that I hear the most from my couples. And honestly, I would be a little surprised if you weren‘t feeling at least a little awkward. I totally get it. I too, do the weird turtle smile thing when ever a lens is pointed in my direction. It’s jarring being instantly cast into the spotlight. 

My remedy to this is to be as un-frightening as I could possibly be behind the camera. I talk, I joke, I observe and I direct. I’ll never leave you standing around uncomfortably, ever! I’ll ease you into the shoot and within minutes, you’ll relax, and you’ll start having fun. My aim is to capture beautiful, authentic photos of you. I zone into who you are as a couple and draw inspiration from it. No stiff posing to be found here. 

My way of shooting

During moments where more direction is needed (like couple shoots and portraits) I’ll be there, ready to hand it out in bucket loads. But during times like your wedding ceremony, reception and getting ready moments, I’ll hang back more and be unobtrusive. I want to catch the moments as they happen naturally. I won’t ask you to repeat or fake anything. Instead, I’ll watch, and anticipate moments. I might make small suggestions about light and location but that’s about it!

The real story of your day

The photographs that move me are the ones that I’m after. It’s what I love most about my job - witnessing the human connection. Un-posed moments allow the day to unveil naturally. The memories I catch for you will be the real deal. Every wedding has it’s own character and I want to translate the essence of your day from feelings into photographs.